Michael Bade

Full stack software engineer | Austin, TX


Trail Run Planner

picture of React project
This app is a trail running app where runners can find trails to run and keep a list of items needed for their run. This project is currently being worked on, using a React frontend and Rails API backend.

Vegan Camping Cookbook Collective

picture of Vegan Camping Cookbook Collective project
This project allows users to create a cookbook of vegan camping recipes. Technologies used: Ruby on Rails API, vanilla JS, HTML, and CSS.

Doggo Playdate

picture of Doggo Playdate project
This app allows users to create playdates at various dog parks throughout Austin, TX. This project utilizes Ruby on Rails, HTML, and CSS.

Mileage Tracker App

picture of Mileage Tracker project
An app lets runners track the mileage wear-and-tear on their running shoes. Using CRUD actions, this app utilizes the Sinatra framework with Ruby, HTML, and CSS.

Superb Roofing LLC

picture of Superb Roofing project
Designed for a good friend and with a responsive design in mind, this project utilizes CSS, HTML, and JS. Click above to see their website!

Tandem for 400!

picture of CLI project
An trivia app, completed as part of a coding challenge for Tandem, a Software company based out of Chicago. This app is built with vanilla JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.


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Blog Amateur Blogger, published with The Startup

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JS Interview Help: Prototype, Class(ES6), IIFE, Scope, Closures, Module Pattern

November 5, 2020

When a new Object is formed, the JS engine adds a __proto__ property to the new object. This points to the prototype object of the constructor function. All JS objects take in, or inherit, properties and methods from a prototype. For instance, Dog objects inherit from Dog.prototype. String objects inherit from String.prototype...

picture of Superb Roofing Blog

A SUPERB website for a SUPERB family!

September 1, 2020

Roughly a week and half ago, my wife and I were hanging out with some friends from our church who own a Roofing business. They’ve been in business for roughly a year or so, and they talked to us about how they wanted a website, but couldn’t afford a professional. Being a Flatiron student with some experience with CSS, HTML, and recently, JavaScript, I told them I could build the site for them...

picture of Doggo Play Date Blog

RAILS Project: A Doggo Playdate App!

August 3, 2020

When thinking about what to base this Rails project on, I thought about how Covid-19 has affected so many areas of our lives. For many dog owners, dog parks have officially shut down in most major cities. With this app, users are able to add new Parks, new Playdates, and a Review for each Park. There are several validations with each newly created object, and users can not edit/delete other users’ information...

picture for 'why coding' blog

From Opera, and Teaching: Why Coding?

June 15, 2020

Anyone who transitions from one career into another is always asked this question: “Why are you changing careers?” Everyone has a “why”; it’s their reason for closing one chapter and moving onto the next. The “why” is what drives you through tough times and pushes you into something incredible, unfamiliar, new, exciting, stressful, overwhelming, and wonderful. My “why” comes from a long-lost and short-lived passion discovered in a high school classroom in...

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picture at Guadalupe Mountain in West Texas.

Meet Michael

I'm a Full Stack Web Developer, with a passion for creativity and making abstract ideas come to life. Before venturing into Software Engineering, I sang opera professionally, taught Middle School choir for 4 years, and led several community/church choirs. All of these professional experiences brought new challenges, allowed the opportunity to learn new skill sets, and made me realize the best way to communicate and get people involved as a community is through human connection.

I love creativity, helping others find their inspiration, seeing things come to life, opera, hiking, running, reading, music, and the arts. Musical creativity and integrity makes notes on a page come alive. In a similar way, lines of code bring life to our web browsers and connect all of us together digitally! Let's connect some time and share ideas!